by Skapegoat

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released January 2, 2005




Skapegoat Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

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Track Name: fin
F.I.N. (from inside new)

These days are new
And I’m awake
My eyes have changed
And they all fade

This state is new
My head’s into it
It’s not his thought
Thank god, it’s not

Now I got one
And I calm down
It’s my time-out
From all the sound
I’m still the same

It’s all new
It’s all on you
These days are new
This state is new
From inside new
And from outside you
Track Name: fly guy
Fly guy

I saw you low-flying over the floor
With last force
I saw you lying on your back
Without force
Where are your wings now?
Where´s the movement that always puts you back on your feet?
Again and again and again...

I see you fading
Do you till move?

I see/saw you creeping on the floor (/four)
And every new trial sucks you out, more and more
The one thing that counts is you try again and again and again...
Without thinking
Your automatic urge to live
You moved!
Do you suffer now?

I see you fading
Do you still move?
Track Name: hangin' on
Hangin' on

I drift away
What happened? Where am I?
Just space
I cant remember a thing
Where’s the rope that binds us when all else fails?
Takes my oxygen away.

Hold the line

It cant be far, take care down there
Earth take control, I fall somewhere
New point, new focus, distance changed
In space all men lose their weight

Hold the line
Please hold the line

Hey base! Report! I’m found.
Where are you? It’s been a long time.
But all the time I’ve been here. Somewhere.
Base! Repeat! The air is getting thin.
I know I’ve been cut, but connection’s up again.
Base! Don’t switch off! Base! Base!
I’m lost without you
I’m lost without you

Do I drift away from you?
Or do you drift away from me?
We’ve been apart for quite a while,
Now let’s see if we can cope with time
Track Name: travel

Last sight
Last sign
Lost night(s)
Lost mine
Last touch
Last shine
Lost hand
Lost eye
The water is pure
and the hills are dry
a stranger to the sky
never meant to fly

and with two feet on the ground
but surely not steadfast
these five don’t count
for long the last

last you
lost me
last frame
lost street
last long
lost feel
last wave
lost you
The water is pure
and the hills are dry
a stranger to the sky
as I waved goodbye

and with two feet on the ground
I already tumble
These five count
And let me fall

taking away
is this your praised redemption?
This direction’s no great escape
It’s hard to get along with a picture of a face
Darkened coming days
This fucking life of travel (is)
Like an injection freedom
Like an injection of pain